Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Houdini, or as we call her Mary Catherine...

Houdini is at it again. Magic God give me strength. Somehow she managed to widdle out of that diaper and bring it to me!!!Crawling Baby Diaper pins and all!!
What a DAY! First I'm on the phone with the Chemistry teacher, who was returning my phone call, and MaryCatherine brings me a dime ... IN HER MOUTH ... Afraid Then I'm on the phone Chattywith Daddy and I hear the kitchen sink, I turn around and she's standing on the counter!!! No No No
You don't want to know the rest... Whoa
She is in a very 'tight' diaper now. Sickened Tried to pin it so it couldn't slip past the family thighs ... Hysterical ... we shall see.
Please Lord no poop in her bed. Prayer I put her down for a 'nap' ... what a joke. But at least she is confined to a safe place for a couple hours. And on occasion she has given in to her sleepy eyesYawn and fallen fast asleep. Sleepy
So how is your day going?Thoughts?

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