Saturday, September 4, 2004

My Wonderful Experience

Hi all. I want to share with you something that happened to Rick and I in our home yesterday. Believe it or not, that is your choice, but I feel the need to share this with all of you.

I was sitting at my computer fixing up my desktop, reading email, etc. I was enjoying my short bit of quiet time. Julia was having a short evening nap in her crib upstairs, and Mary Catherine was watching Beauty & The Beast in the game room with the door shut. Shiela, Elizabeth, & Warren were at the High School Football game. Rick was on his way home in the car from work.

Something made me look in the direction of our prayer room. I heard a quite noise, nothing that I could repeat, it was not specific, just the old sounds of a quiet house, but I looked up to see a warm orangey yellow glowing light flickering brightly from my prayer room doorway. I was startled and thought a fire had started so I ran to the room, but there was no fire. It was just my calm quiet room. I tested the lamps and checked the overhead light to see if that was it. Then I decided it was my imagination and went back to the computer.

A few minutes later some creak or noise made me look up and this time I KNEW it was not my imagination. I ran quickly and again nothing. So I went outside to make sure there wasn't a tow truck or ER crew out there with lights going off. But the neighborhood was quiet. I had the strong sensation to sprinkle Holy Water and bless our home, but I didn't, I just sighed and went back to the computer.

Well later that evening when I was in bed, I had Shiela turn on and off my bathroom light quickly. When Rick asked what I was doing, I told him the whole story. He turned to me and said, "I saw the same light." He was at the kitchen table and he could see the light coming down the hallway, outside of the prayer room. I half jokingly said, "Rick, could that have been the Holy Spirit." And he said, "I guess, I'm not sure."

Well he was able to just go to sleep and I was up just thinking about it and closing my eyes and wondering what it could be. I went online to see if my late night buddy, was online. She was not so I just read email and hoped that she would come online so I could tell someone else. Well just as I was going to sign off, she came online and tells me that she was sound asleep and something made her come online.

I explain the whole story to her. She is as perplexed as I am. Then all of a sudden I remember something that sets the hairs on the back of my neck up!

Warren and I had been cleaning out my hallway closet. He found a picture that Mom and Dad had given me. It was a framed picture of Jesus, from the visions of St. Faustina, with the words, Jesus I trust in You. I had warren put it in the prayer room. We had given the picture to Rick's dad to hang while he was ill. When he died we got the picture back. I had always meant to hang it.

Well, She and I concluded at the same time, that Jesus was letting me know he was in my home, and he was leading us all.

Naturally I had the strong sensation again to bless our Home. I also knew that that picture needed to be hung right away and not left leaning against a wall. I went downstairs, took down the Monet (lol) and hung the picture just below the crucifix, and in the same place Mass was said. I then found the Holy Water and proceeded to bless everyroom and everybody, even cousin Oliver who was spending the night. I said this prayer that I say many times a day, "Come Holy Spirit, Fill Our Hearts, and Kindle in us the Fire of your Love."

I have not been totally devoted to saying the Divine Chaplet, I say it often but certainly not daily, but after this, we will be saying it nightly, daily, whenever we can all gather in my prayer room. I hope this will inspire you the way it has inspired me.

Here is a similar picture that we hung in our room: