Monday, November 8, 2004

Update on Judy,

I have not been able to talk to Judy yet ... and visiting is out of the question because I have a dreadful cold! UGH! But she is out of surgery at last! The problem had nothing to do with the mesh which was working fine and was not involved in this infection. From what Rick told me, I gather that the problem was from a different hernia. A loop of dead bowel had to be removed it had become gangrenous. It had been pinched off by a hernia. The surgeon has said she must do NO lifting ... none at all. He is suggesting another surgery in the future to help prevent these hernias, but I'm not sure what that surgery would involve. She has come through this surgery without a problem but will need to be in the hospital for several days. God is Good! The prayers are working, dear friends. We love you all!

Love and God Bless, Sylvia x,o

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