Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Judy Goes Home Today... from Mom:

Judy was able to go home today!! She will have the wound vac on but will be able to take oral antibiotics for the strep infection ... yes they finally figured out what the infection is. Pray for her rapid recovery at home ... safe in her comfortable house with her loving family around her. Hospitals are so impersonal! Thank you and all the CM's for bearing with our pleas for prayers. God loves you Moms very much and is listening!

Love and God Bless, Sylvia x,o

Update from Mom:

Judy is still in the hospital hooked up to IV and with wound vac in place. She was supposed to come home yesterday but they Doctor is still waiting for the results of the culture to come back before he sends her home. Pray pray pray for them. This has been marathon of pressure for them all.

Love, Hugs, Kisses and God's Blessings, Sylvia x,o

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Update from Mom:

Judy has had her surgical procedure this morning. Their was an infection requiring a wound vac which Dr. R put in place. It will need to stay there for about 2 weeks but Judy can go home Monday and a nurse will visit her at home to redress it when needed. Dr. R said the idea is to fight this infection. Please continue praying for our Judy!

Love, Hugs, Kisses and God's Blessings, Mom xxx,ooo

Feel Free to write me here...


Here I am again. Thought I would say "hi" before I go to surgery. I am hoping that there is no infection and we can just drain what is there.Pass this email along, I do not know how long I will be here, but it is nice to get mail. Peace xxoo Judy

Friday, December 10, 2004

Update from Judy's Mom

Judy will be going into the OR at 8 AM tomorrow where Dr. Ricorelli will make an incision over her last one. If their is infection he will use a wound vac to remove it. If it is not infected, he will put in 2 drains. Her white blood cell count was good. She was told to walk around while in the hospital to avoid blood clots. She is very happy with Dr. R and his whole staff who are very kind and attentive to Judy. One of his nurses on her day off went by the hospital to bring Judy a gift! Praying for our Judy ... and fasting, a great suggestion by Mary!

Love, Hugs, Kisses and God's Blessings, Mom xxx,ooo

From Judy's Mom:

She has been admitted into Sentara Careplex Hospital Room 519. So far nothing notable on CT scan ... doing a culture on the fluid ... they have started an iv of antibiotics ... draining excess fluids as needed ... PRAY PRAY PRAY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Thanks for the prayers

Thanks everyone for your prayers. I had fluid build up around the incision. He said it was normal and to expect it to keep coming back for a while. I just have to keep going back to get it drained. Thank God it was not another hernia. We are still concerned about the fever so please keep the prayers coming. Thanks so very much!


Another Divine Mercy experience in our home...

(I finally took the time to write this on Good Friday, Marcy 25, 2005)

Dear Friends and Family,

I want to share with you another Divine Mercy Vision in our home. It was in December 8th*, early a.m.

I was awoken by a sharp pain on my right side. I flew out of bed and grabbed my right side. I was woken more when I saw red and white light brightly flooding our bedroom I shouted to Rick who was sound asleep. There was a loud noise like wind, but silent at the same time. Very hard to explain this. I shouted Rick's name over and over but he did not wake. I don't think Rick could hear me over the sound, & I could not hear my own voice. I finally just stood and watched until it ended. When it ended the room grew quiet and dark, and I was exhausted. I was not scared. I knew right away that it was the same light that I see in the picture in my living room, from St. Faustian. I was afraid I would fall asleep and forget that this happened. So I noticed that the little green light on my laptop was on which meant that it was not shut down, so I proceeded to shut it down and I arranged something's on my laptop table to prove to myself that I did not dream it. I know this is sort of silly, why didn't I just write myself a note, but at that hour of the morning I was so tired, I wasn't thinking straight.

When I woke up the next morning I saw my rearranged laptop table, and I told Rick everything. We both talked a bit about our thoughts on why it happened. It happened that I was going to see my surgeon for a follow up on this day. So, Rick thought the vision meant that I had more difficulties to follow, I thought it meant that whatever was ahead of me, Jesus would be there to see me through.

As it turned out we were both right. I went to my follow up appointment and was entered back into the hospital. You all know the rest of the story so I will end it here. I did not relay the story right away because I literally went into the hospital that day. When I came home I was busy recovering from surgery and I kept putting it off. This week I have had this nagging inner voice to share this, to put it into writing.

I wanted to draw a picture of what I saw so I could share it. But I never did. I wish I had a camera to take the picture. But since I've done neither I will try to relay exactly what I saw. I have 3 windows, I was facing 2 of them when I flew out of bed. The shades were closed. The top half of the window had bright red light flooding through it, sending it all about the room, the lower half of the window had white light flooding through it as well. Just to let you know, these windows face a dark back yard and not a street. I hope that explains it well. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I am not sure why the light was not side by side like the picture but that is how I saw it.

** Later I realized I was laying on my side when I saw the light, which would put it side by side **

I also wanted to get this message out by today because today, Good Friday, is the First day of the Divine Mercy Novena.

This ends on Divine Mercy Sunday.

*The Immacualte Conception is celebrated on December 8th.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Off to the Surgeon, again

I am off to the Surgeons to have him look at a large mass sticking up out of the right side of my abdomen. I've had a fever all week and I feel miserable and of course I'm feeling sorry for myself. I promise to snap out of it. It is possible it is another hernia or it could be fluid that needs to be drained around the last surgery. I hope it's the later.
Praying and thinking of all of you.