Friday, December 9, 2005

Nice day

I went to my daughters college yesterday to pick up some paperwork. We decided to go out to lunch and since we are just a hop skip and jump away from Nordstroms, never been there, and ate at their cafe. It was a lot of fun.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thrift Stores

I spent $22.50... I purchased 4 Long Sleeve Men's shirts in excellent condition (for Warren) brands were Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, and the like, also I purchased a pair of little girls shoes that look like ballet slippers, for Julia, too sweet, 2 Polo Shirts for Warren and Nicholas, and a long sleeved shirt for Nicholas. And a shirt for Mary. I love a good deal.
I wish the older girls would 'consider' the thrift stores. I buy the basics and the rest of the stuff they purchase with their lifeguard/babysitting money. Oh well...
Mom to Shiela (18), Elizabeth (16), Warren (14), Nicholas (10), Mary Catherine (3), and Julia (1)

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Prepare yourself...

It is a lot harder to let go of your kids than you can imagine... Elizabeth told me last night that Shiela told her she woke in her dorm from a nightmare and looked over to the other bed to see if Elizabeth was there, and of course it was empty because she was not at home. Shiela of course didn't tell me this. Trying to be strong and so forth. Parenting never gets easier.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Just an update...

I went for an endoscopy on August 9th. The doc found a polyp and found gastritis. The polyp was removed and send for a biopsy, and a sample of my tissue was taken to see I guess what kind, if any, bacteria is causing the gastritis. He is now wanting to do a colonoscopy. (just lovely) ... so they called and it is scheduled for Sept 8th, and I think to myself, how can you go wrong when it is on the Blessed Mothers Birthday. I feel blessed
I'd appreciate some prayers that they find out where the heck the pain is coming from. It would be nice if it was an easy fix. My pain pills are dwindling, as I'm using old ones from pervious surgery. I go most days in moderate pain, really not bad. A heating pad, some water, and I'm good. But there are those days, and today is one of them. So I thought I'd stop to ask for a prayer or two. All of you are in my daily Rosary intention. I never forget to say "for all the Catholic Moms and their special intentions."
I'm behind on mail because I've been really busy getting College girl taken care of, and it just seems that I have a lot to do these days. I do not even allow myself to think about her leaving. I just do not want to cast a shadow on the whole thing. But between you and me, I'm going to miss her badly.
Shiela met her room mate on Friday. They met at the college book store and went out to lunch. She really seemed like a nice girl and as she put it, 'she does not like to party', she studies a lot and stays in, she likes old movies (we are huge movie watchers), and she has a poster of Audrey Hepburn to put up on the wall. When Shiela told her she was one of six and was a Catholic, she replied that she had hoped to have a 'goody goody religious girl' as a room mate. (we thought that was an odd way to put it) The downside is that she has a boyfriend who also goes to the college, but will not be dorming, he'll be commuting. I see trouble there. And so does my Shiela. But her roommate, Meredith, said frankly that Shiela needs to let her know if he is bothering her at all. (he bothers me already) ... My thing is that I see him wanting to 'stay over' in their dorm, to A. save money, and B. not deal with the long commute. Fortunately, you all are praying, and with that we are sure to weather this just fine! Also, Shiela is one who speaks up for herself, I've been really proud of her for never going along with the crowd. I've seen it in action and that is why we nick named her 'righteous Shiela' around the house.
Rick purchased a treadmill yesterday. We removed the recliner from the family room and put it there instead. I am hoping to start getting my strength and stamina up and also to lose some of this extra baggage, KWIM? This treadmill does everything but cook for you. It connects to the Internet and you can download health news to listen to or you can d/l music. I believe it is a MP3 player. The screen on the front lights up in many colors, there is a fan to cool you off, there is a pulse monitor, and some other oooo's and ahhhh's. It is called a ProForm XP 550e Treadmill, and we got it at Sears. He got it for a couple of reasons, heart disease runs in his family and he is always told that he should walk everyday. And the other was for me, because I can't get to the pool to swim everyday and he knows it is hard for me to be out somewhere walking and have to leave suddenly for pain, etc. And the doctors often will ask him, is Judy walking? They don't ask me, they ask him. LOL.

Monday, July 11, 2005

God's Grace...

funny thing, I went to a funny movie**, and laughed a lot and my abdomen hurt, I could feel the area's where the staples were stretching, so I took a pain pill and still it hurt really badly, not just ouch, but hurt the rest of the day and into the night. At early evening I was exhausted so I went to my bedroom.
I was reading my Faustina book and I was reading a part where she suffered much pain, but God gave her the graces to deal with it. So I prayed that God would give me too the grace to deal with it and then I laid down
I was laying there too hurt to move and I wanted my heating pad that was under my bedside table
but I was just too sore to move.
I thought about pushing my intercom button and calling one of my kids upstairs to get it ... but I thought that was lazy and my kids were enjoying a movie
just then my bedroom door opened up
and Shiela said "what did you need?"
and I said what are you talking about?
she said, "you beeped the intercom "
and I said, no I didn't
She gave me my heating pad and I had much relief. Elizabeth came up too and said, she heard me calling her name over and over, and I did not do that either.

Nice grace, eh?
** Please note, the movie had some silly parts, but the laughing increased greatly when 3 elderly ladies snuck into the moive half way through... and sat behind us, they were LOUD and annoying, but funny too.
When they walked in the youngest (age 70ish) said,
... and on and on it went. Along with lots of candy wrapper paper, and purse jiggling noises.
The movie was Bewitched ... it was a nice movie for the older kids.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th, Oh Happy Day! 0: )

Good news all! If you are reading this today May 13, 2005, then please say a prayer for my successful surgery. Today is a fortunate day for me!

If you've been keeping in touch via email, you probably know that I was in desperate need for an operation to fix 3 serious hernias. However the two surgeons that were going to operate on me were both booked solid. It looked like I was going to have to wait 3 months minimal for the operation. Not only that but my insurance company was being very difficult and wanted me to jump through some hoops first. I was in pain, and really could do nothing but lay around on a couch. Just waiting.

My initial appointment was on May 5, 2005. That was when I got the distressing news that I'd be spending my summer and part of fall laying around, in pain, not able to be a mother to my kids. I know I sound like I'm whining, but I was scared to have another twisted bowel with gangrene again.

I dug deep, and prayed for courage to let it go and do all things in God's Time. I am devoted to the Holy Rosary, so I too asked Our Blessed Mother to pray for me and guide me with her mantle of love.

I got a phone call a few days later,

Nurse: Judy, I don't know what connections you have but the OR has become free on May 13, a Friday if that is OK?

Me: (I'm in tears, and feel goose bumps all over) No problem, I'm not superstitions one bit!

Nurse: OH and your insurance company approved everything, we've never seen them do this. Who do you know Judy? (quiet laughter)

After I hung up the phone it dawned on me that May 13, was the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima.

Talk about a God-incidence! Thank you Jesus!!!

I've been blessed so many times with 'proof' of Jesus love for me. I am now even more devoted to saying the Rosary. Mine has even turned to Gold.

Now the best part of all, today my family is having a May Crowning. I love you famiy!

I have no doubt I will recover from this surgery. I had no worries when going into surgery. I have been given such gifts with my illness that I want to blog about it so I never forget and so that anyone who meets me never forgets the blessings.

"The eye has not seen nor the ear has not heard
what God has instore for those that love Him."

BTW, I have all your prayer requests printed out. Rick is going to meditate and pray for all of your intentions while I'm in surgery, and then I'll pray for all of your needs while I'm recovering.

Don't let one person turn away from you, not growing closer to Christ.

Monday, May 2, 2005


We have a family of bunnies who have made a nice little den under our picnic table. Mary Catherine actually went up and petted one of the critters. I had to instruct her not to do that again. I don't know if rabies are involved or not. But they sure are cute to look at.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Surgery scheduled!

Good news the surgery was miraculously scheduled for May 13, 2005. They thought I would not want it because it was a Friday the 13th. I said, no I was not a believer in that garbage, and I was thrilled. When I hung up the phone I realized that it was The feast day of Our Lady of Fatima!!!! So I joined the Militia of the Immaculata, and my join date will be 5/13/2005.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm home again...

Thanks for all your prayers and emails. It means a lot to me when all I can do is lay in a bed. Makes the words "when you were sick I comforted you" quite meaningful. Thanks.
I still need any prayers you can send my way. I have a hernia that with normal activity becomes incarcerated. This is bad. They want to operate on me but in order to do it properly so that it does not happen again they need to involve a plastic surgeon for proper muscle repair. But in order to get my insurance to cover it they have to send history and letters from hospital/doctors stating the why's and so forth. All this takes time. Sometimes even up to a month. And right now the soonest the plastic surgeon can see me is May 3. I am just going to turn this over to God through prayer.
I have spoken to the receptionist at the plastic surgeons office and they are aware of the seriousness and they have me on a call list that if an appointment becomes available they will call me and see me. I am not going to worry as this may be God's timetable. And we know HE knows better than I when I should be seen.
I am having many anxiety attacks which are full blown and frankly understandable. If I have a slight tummy ache I feel my heart start to race and I get that clammy feeling like I could faint. I then try to deep breath and picture St. Faustina's picture of Jesus. Jesus I trust in YOU. It helps. Today I have a stomach ache and maybe I will just have one constant until this is taken care of. I don't know. But at this point it is manageable so I think I can just stay home.
If you're still reading, your an angel. LOL ... I am not to lift or bend. This has been a challenge. What do you do when you drop the soap in the shower? Well I bent to pick it up. I feel like a crazy person. But if I bend, or lift then the hernia could become incarcerated and back I go. It is really painful. No wonder people die from obstructed bowel, the pain alone makes you want to die. LOL
I am getting better at offering this up for others. I'm sure my letter does not sound like it. But truly I am. I get it God, I really do.
On a nice note, my niece brought by a sample of holy water from Fatima. The directions had me drink it and say a prayer. I've done that and I had some interesting, and bizarre dreams about how I was healed. I'll spare you those stories. But asking John Paul the Great to pray for me is a wonderful idea and the fact that he had a special devotion to Our Lady of Fatima makes this even better idea.
Mary Catherine is taking good care of me, she is combing my hair and putting lotion on me.... ouch and aye yi yi ...
Thanks for being there.

Friday, April 8, 2005

Potty Training #5

I usually do not have advice on this because most of the time, like child birth I've forgotten. But since Mary Catherine #5 has just gone through this I'll tell you what I did. First you should be committed to staying home for a few days. That is key. I do not recommend pull-ups unless you are going to Mass, or going to bed. Make sure you have plenty of training pants, up to 10 pair, unless you think you can wash and dry some pretty quick, and then this is what we did.

We just announced to all the family (in our home) that MC was no longer wearing diapers. We made a big deal out of it, and this is KEY once you say this, you can not ever go back, so you have to be committed. Next, I put the TV on her favorite channel, either PBS kids or some video. And I put the potty right in front of the TV. Next we put her on it literally every 1/2 hour. And gave her lots to drink. She did go a couple of times and then each day got easier and easier. keep a jar of M&M's (for her--not me) and every time she goes pee pee we gave her one and we clapped our hands. If she had an accident we just wiped it up, put on new undies and did not make a big deal out of it. By day 2 she was going all on her own. Next was the poo poo part. When she would poop in her training pants I would drop the poop in the potty and show her a candy cane. "You may have this when you poop in the potty" ... it took a few days and being consistent about not getting angry when they make mistakes. They don't poop in their pants to piss us off, that is what I reminded myself. When she got the candy cane, I had to buy a few more (lolly pops would do) so that we could keep this up. Eventually the candy canes were gone but the habit was already formed and she did not go back to pooping in her pants. Next we marked the calendar for 5 days. Once she did pee pee and poo poo for 5 days we took her out to pick out a toy. This was a very low stress potty training... took about 2 weeks and still going well. If she has an accident now she cleans it up and gets her undies on. We keep them in a basket on the changing table at her eye level. Once she was 'trained' we picked out special underwear, strawberry shortcake, dora, hearts, doggies, etc. I keep lots of those too. I think you can even go to second hand shops and buy some as well.
I hope this is helpful.

Monday, February 28, 2005


Hi all...
I just wanted to share our evening last night. I made a lil' Oscar party for my family. I am very into movies.

I fixed Million Dollar Baby Onion Rings, Aviator Wings over Buffalo, singing the Blue's Cheese Salad, and lastly we bought a cherry pie from Costco with that crystal sugar on top and that was in honor of the Movie Finding Neverland Fairy dust! :)

I will share a couple of the recipes. They were really awesome.

I was of course a little bit disappointed that The Passion of the Christ got no recognition, but then I realized that the devil is very real and very much in Hollywood. So I was glad that The Passion did not get recognized, it doesn't need to be.

Just a little about the movies, I saw all but Ray and Million Dollar Baby.

Sideways - it has some RAW scenes if you know what I mean but other than that it is very well written and acted and you will laugh 90% of the time.

Finding Neverland - This is a perfect movie. I really loved it. I think the whole family could watch this one. It is such a touching story.

Aviator - VERY well acted. Leonardo should have gotten Best Actor... but with that being said, I did not see Ray, and I have always liked Jamie Fox. I am sure he deserved it.

I hope I did not bore anyone with this... we just love movies. I have to do housework while watching them because otherwise I'd never get anything done. We were watching Meet me in St. Louis today... Mary Catherine was dancing all over the place.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cute kids conversation...

Or not so cute depending on how much wine you had with dinner...

We had a rare 70 degree day today. WE just bought some new deck furniture so I thought I'd go out and enjoy the sun with Mary. I finished up the dishes and put Julia down for a nap.
Me: Ok mary lets go on the deck and relax
Mary: ok
1 minute later
Mary: mommy i need to go potty
so we go back in the house do the potty and go back to the deck. I sit down and open my book.
Mary: Mommy I want a drink.
so we go back in the house and I fix her a drink, grab a water for me and out we go
1 minute later
Mary: Mommy I'm cold, please go get my blankie.
So I go back in the house grab "hello kitty" blankie and back I come.
Mary: Mommy...
ME: NO NO NO NO... just sit down and relax in the sun
1 minute later (and I know she is lying)
Mary: Mommy I need to go potty
me: UGH
same drill
then that was followed by several phone calls, which I finally got smart and brought the phone out, this kid needs picking up, that kid is staying after for band, etc etc etc
Mary: mommy, i wet my pants (she had a dress on over pants)
Me: well just wear the dress, Julia is sleeping and we can't wake her up to get clothes, (i keep undies downstairs on the changing table)
Mary: Mommy I need some toys to play with
Me: I did the drill went and got some toys, I was stupid enough to think that this would last
Mary: Mommy i'm too cold I'm going inside.
!$%^&* OF course I can't just let her go inside alone, so in I went. This was all in about one hour.
so honestly it was not relaxing at all, it was more like doing exercise.