Monday, February 28, 2005


Hi all...
I just wanted to share our evening last night. I made a lil' Oscar party for my family. I am very into movies.

I fixed Million Dollar Baby Onion Rings, Aviator Wings over Buffalo, singing the Blue's Cheese Salad, and lastly we bought a cherry pie from Costco with that crystal sugar on top and that was in honor of the Movie Finding Neverland Fairy dust! :)

I will share a couple of the recipes. They were really awesome.

I was of course a little bit disappointed that The Passion of the Christ got no recognition, but then I realized that the devil is very real and very much in Hollywood. So I was glad that The Passion did not get recognized, it doesn't need to be.

Just a little about the movies, I saw all but Ray and Million Dollar Baby.

Sideways - it has some RAW scenes if you know what I mean but other than that it is very well written and acted and you will laugh 90% of the time.

Finding Neverland - This is a perfect movie. I really loved it. I think the whole family could watch this one. It is such a touching story.

Aviator - VERY well acted. Leonardo should have gotten Best Actor... but with that being said, I did not see Ray, and I have always liked Jamie Fox. I am sure he deserved it.

I hope I did not bore anyone with this... we just love movies. I have to do housework while watching them because otherwise I'd never get anything done. We were watching Meet me in St. Louis today... Mary Catherine was dancing all over the place.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cute kids conversation...

Or not so cute depending on how much wine you had with dinner...

We had a rare 70 degree day today. WE just bought some new deck furniture so I thought I'd go out and enjoy the sun with Mary. I finished up the dishes and put Julia down for a nap.
Me: Ok mary lets go on the deck and relax
Mary: ok
1 minute later
Mary: mommy i need to go potty
so we go back in the house do the potty and go back to the deck. I sit down and open my book.
Mary: Mommy I want a drink.
so we go back in the house and I fix her a drink, grab a water for me and out we go
1 minute later
Mary: Mommy I'm cold, please go get my blankie.
So I go back in the house grab "hello kitty" blankie and back I come.
Mary: Mommy...
ME: NO NO NO NO... just sit down and relax in the sun
1 minute later (and I know she is lying)
Mary: Mommy I need to go potty
me: UGH
same drill
then that was followed by several phone calls, which I finally got smart and brought the phone out, this kid needs picking up, that kid is staying after for band, etc etc etc
Mary: mommy, i wet my pants (she had a dress on over pants)
Me: well just wear the dress, Julia is sleeping and we can't wake her up to get clothes, (i keep undies downstairs on the changing table)
Mary: Mommy I need some toys to play with
Me: I did the drill went and got some toys, I was stupid enough to think that this would last
Mary: Mommy i'm too cold I'm going inside.
!$%^&* OF course I can't just let her go inside alone, so in I went. This was all in about one hour.
so honestly it was not relaxing at all, it was more like doing exercise.