Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cute kids conversation...

Or not so cute depending on how much wine you had with dinner...

We had a rare 70 degree day today. WE just bought some new deck furniture so I thought I'd go out and enjoy the sun with Mary. I finished up the dishes and put Julia down for a nap.
Me: Ok mary lets go on the deck and relax
Mary: ok
1 minute later
Mary: mommy i need to go potty
so we go back in the house do the potty and go back to the deck. I sit down and open my book.
Mary: Mommy I want a drink.
so we go back in the house and I fix her a drink, grab a water for me and out we go
1 minute later
Mary: Mommy I'm cold, please go get my blankie.
So I go back in the house grab "hello kitty" blankie and back I come.
Mary: Mommy...
ME: NO NO NO NO... just sit down and relax in the sun
1 minute later (and I know she is lying)
Mary: Mommy I need to go potty
me: UGH
same drill
then that was followed by several phone calls, which I finally got smart and brought the phone out, this kid needs picking up, that kid is staying after for band, etc etc etc
Mary: mommy, i wet my pants (she had a dress on over pants)
Me: well just wear the dress, Julia is sleeping and we can't wake her up to get clothes, (i keep undies downstairs on the changing table)
Mary: Mommy I need some toys to play with
Me: I did the drill went and got some toys, I was stupid enough to think that this would last
Mary: Mommy i'm too cold I'm going inside.
!$%^&* OF course I can't just let her go inside alone, so in I went. This was all in about one hour.
so honestly it was not relaxing at all, it was more like doing exercise.

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