Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm home again...

Thanks for all your prayers and emails. It means a lot to me when all I can do is lay in a bed. Makes the words "when you were sick I comforted you" quite meaningful. Thanks.
I still need any prayers you can send my way. I have a hernia that with normal activity becomes incarcerated. This is bad. They want to operate on me but in order to do it properly so that it does not happen again they need to involve a plastic surgeon for proper muscle repair. But in order to get my insurance to cover it they have to send history and letters from hospital/doctors stating the why's and so forth. All this takes time. Sometimes even up to a month. And right now the soonest the plastic surgeon can see me is May 3. I am just going to turn this over to God through prayer.
I have spoken to the receptionist at the plastic surgeons office and they are aware of the seriousness and they have me on a call list that if an appointment becomes available they will call me and see me. I am not going to worry as this may be God's timetable. And we know HE knows better than I when I should be seen.
I am having many anxiety attacks which are full blown and frankly understandable. If I have a slight tummy ache I feel my heart start to race and I get that clammy feeling like I could faint. I then try to deep breath and picture St. Faustina's picture of Jesus. Jesus I trust in YOU. It helps. Today I have a stomach ache and maybe I will just have one constant until this is taken care of. I don't know. But at this point it is manageable so I think I can just stay home.
If you're still reading, your an angel. LOL ... I am not to lift or bend. This has been a challenge. What do you do when you drop the soap in the shower? Well I bent to pick it up. I feel like a crazy person. But if I bend, or lift then the hernia could become incarcerated and back I go. It is really painful. No wonder people die from obstructed bowel, the pain alone makes you want to die. LOL
I am getting better at offering this up for others. I'm sure my letter does not sound like it. But truly I am. I get it God, I really do.
On a nice note, my niece brought by a sample of holy water from Fatima. The directions had me drink it and say a prayer. I've done that and I had some interesting, and bizarre dreams about how I was healed. I'll spare you those stories. But asking John Paul the Great to pray for me is a wonderful idea and the fact that he had a special devotion to Our Lady of Fatima makes this even better idea.
Mary Catherine is taking good care of me, she is combing my hair and putting lotion on me.... ouch and aye yi yi ...
Thanks for being there.

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