Friday, April 8, 2005

Potty Training #5

I usually do not have advice on this because most of the time, like child birth I've forgotten. But since Mary Catherine #5 has just gone through this I'll tell you what I did. First you should be committed to staying home for a few days. That is key. I do not recommend pull-ups unless you are going to Mass, or going to bed. Make sure you have plenty of training pants, up to 10 pair, unless you think you can wash and dry some pretty quick, and then this is what we did.

We just announced to all the family (in our home) that MC was no longer wearing diapers. We made a big deal out of it, and this is KEY once you say this, you can not ever go back, so you have to be committed. Next, I put the TV on her favorite channel, either PBS kids or some video. And I put the potty right in front of the TV. Next we put her on it literally every 1/2 hour. And gave her lots to drink. She did go a couple of times and then each day got easier and easier. keep a jar of M&M's (for her--not me) and every time she goes pee pee we gave her one and we clapped our hands. If she had an accident we just wiped it up, put on new undies and did not make a big deal out of it. By day 2 she was going all on her own. Next was the poo poo part. When she would poop in her training pants I would drop the poop in the potty and show her a candy cane. "You may have this when you poop in the potty" ... it took a few days and being consistent about not getting angry when they make mistakes. They don't poop in their pants to piss us off, that is what I reminded myself. When she got the candy cane, I had to buy a few more (lolly pops would do) so that we could keep this up. Eventually the candy canes were gone but the habit was already formed and she did not go back to pooping in her pants. Next we marked the calendar for 5 days. Once she did pee pee and poo poo for 5 days we took her out to pick out a toy. This was a very low stress potty training... took about 2 weeks and still going well. If she has an accident now she cleans it up and gets her undies on. We keep them in a basket on the changing table at her eye level. Once she was 'trained' we picked out special underwear, strawberry shortcake, dora, hearts, doggies, etc. I keep lots of those too. I think you can even go to second hand shops and buy some as well.
I hope this is helpful.

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