Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th, Oh Happy Day! 0: )

Good news all! If you are reading this today May 13, 2005, then please say a prayer for my successful surgery. Today is a fortunate day for me!

If you've been keeping in touch via email, you probably know that I was in desperate need for an operation to fix 3 serious hernias. However the two surgeons that were going to operate on me were both booked solid. It looked like I was going to have to wait 3 months minimal for the operation. Not only that but my insurance company was being very difficult and wanted me to jump through some hoops first. I was in pain, and really could do nothing but lay around on a couch. Just waiting.

My initial appointment was on May 5, 2005. That was when I got the distressing news that I'd be spending my summer and part of fall laying around, in pain, not able to be a mother to my kids. I know I sound like I'm whining, but I was scared to have another twisted bowel with gangrene again.

I dug deep, and prayed for courage to let it go and do all things in God's Time. I am devoted to the Holy Rosary, so I too asked Our Blessed Mother to pray for me and guide me with her mantle of love.

I got a phone call a few days later,

Nurse: Judy, I don't know what connections you have but the OR has become free on May 13, a Friday if that is OK?

Me: (I'm in tears, and feel goose bumps all over) No problem, I'm not superstitions one bit!

Nurse: OH and your insurance company approved everything, we've never seen them do this. Who do you know Judy? (quiet laughter)

After I hung up the phone it dawned on me that May 13, was the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima.

Talk about a God-incidence! Thank you Jesus!!!

I've been blessed so many times with 'proof' of Jesus love for me. I am now even more devoted to saying the Rosary. Mine has even turned to Gold.

Now the best part of all, today my family is having a May Crowning. I love you famiy!

I have no doubt I will recover from this surgery. I had no worries when going into surgery. I have been given such gifts with my illness that I want to blog about it so I never forget and so that anyone who meets me never forgets the blessings.

"The eye has not seen nor the ear has not heard
what God has instore for those that love Him."

BTW, I have all your prayer requests printed out. Rick is going to meditate and pray for all of your intentions while I'm in surgery, and then I'll pray for all of your needs while I'm recovering.

Don't let one person turn away from you, not growing closer to Christ.

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