Saturday, August 13, 2005

Just an update...

I went for an endoscopy on August 9th. The doc found a polyp and found gastritis. The polyp was removed and send for a biopsy, and a sample of my tissue was taken to see I guess what kind, if any, bacteria is causing the gastritis. He is now wanting to do a colonoscopy. (just lovely) ... so they called and it is scheduled for Sept 8th, and I think to myself, how can you go wrong when it is on the Blessed Mothers Birthday. I feel blessed
I'd appreciate some prayers that they find out where the heck the pain is coming from. It would be nice if it was an easy fix. My pain pills are dwindling, as I'm using old ones from pervious surgery. I go most days in moderate pain, really not bad. A heating pad, some water, and I'm good. But there are those days, and today is one of them. So I thought I'd stop to ask for a prayer or two. All of you are in my daily Rosary intention. I never forget to say "for all the Catholic Moms and their special intentions."
I'm behind on mail because I've been really busy getting College girl taken care of, and it just seems that I have a lot to do these days. I do not even allow myself to think about her leaving. I just do not want to cast a shadow on the whole thing. But between you and me, I'm going to miss her badly.
Shiela met her room mate on Friday. They met at the college book store and went out to lunch. She really seemed like a nice girl and as she put it, 'she does not like to party', she studies a lot and stays in, she likes old movies (we are huge movie watchers), and she has a poster of Audrey Hepburn to put up on the wall. When Shiela told her she was one of six and was a Catholic, she replied that she had hoped to have a 'goody goody religious girl' as a room mate. (we thought that was an odd way to put it) The downside is that she has a boyfriend who also goes to the college, but will not be dorming, he'll be commuting. I see trouble there. And so does my Shiela. But her roommate, Meredith, said frankly that Shiela needs to let her know if he is bothering her at all. (he bothers me already) ... My thing is that I see him wanting to 'stay over' in their dorm, to A. save money, and B. not deal with the long commute. Fortunately, you all are praying, and with that we are sure to weather this just fine! Also, Shiela is one who speaks up for herself, I've been really proud of her for never going along with the crowd. I've seen it in action and that is why we nick named her 'righteous Shiela' around the house.
Rick purchased a treadmill yesterday. We removed the recliner from the family room and put it there instead. I am hoping to start getting my strength and stamina up and also to lose some of this extra baggage, KWIM? This treadmill does everything but cook for you. It connects to the Internet and you can download health news to listen to or you can d/l music. I believe it is a MP3 player. The screen on the front lights up in many colors, there is a fan to cool you off, there is a pulse monitor, and some other oooo's and ahhhh's. It is called a ProForm XP 550e Treadmill, and we got it at Sears. He got it for a couple of reasons, heart disease runs in his family and he is always told that he should walk everyday. And the other was for me, because I can't get to the pool to swim everyday and he knows it is hard for me to be out somewhere walking and have to leave suddenly for pain, etc. And the doctors often will ask him, is Judy walking? They don't ask me, they ask him. LOL.