Friday, December 29, 2006

No snow

Mary, Julia and I have been praying for snow every night this month. Tonight Mary says to me:
"Mommy when is the white stuff going to come?"
I felt bad for encouraging this since it is not something that happens where we live very often.
So I really needed for her to understand that even when we pray, sometimes our prayers are not answered the way that we want them to be.
"Mary God is our Father and sometimes he is just like Mommy and Daddy and he says NO. It is always for our own good. We don't know why he is saying NO this time, but just keep praying and if God thinks the snow is something we need he will show us."

She actually seemed to understand. Phew.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Special Rosary Experience

I had a special experience on Sunday, not sure exactly what is going on, but I've had that nagging feeling of sharing it with you guys. I was sitting up in bed sipping coffee and saying the Glorious Mysteries. I had a very very bright dancing light on my robe on my left shoulder. It reminded me of when someone shines a mirror at the sun and reflects it somewhere else. I looked all over the room and windows and of course there was nothing to explain why, so I relaxed. It did make me feel a sense of complete and utter peace, and brought happy tears to my eyes.

Has anyone experienced this kind of thing before or something similar?

I do have a special daily devotion to the Holy Spirit and have said the Holy Spirit prayer for years, rarely have I missed a day. I'm just wondering if that could be it. I'm convinced it is the Holy Spirit, because of my past experiences. I've tried to google and find other testimonies but not really sure what to call this. It was nice. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Wii have it!

I am so thrilled!!! I just got my hands on a Wii. I have been calling and waiting for days now. It is like a daily job. Well I called one of the local gaming stores and spoke to the manager and just out of the blue he said, "I have 3 Wii's on hold for current customers but if they do not come today, one of them is yours." So I called back at 6:00PM and got the assistant manager who said, "Your name is on one, come and get it." I am not telling the kids. Warren knew I was supposed to call back at 6PM so I'm just going to tell him it did not work out. We will wrap it for Christmas!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Getting ready for Mass

Conversation this morning getting ready for church:
4yrold: Mom can I have M&M;s?
Mom: Yes after lunch today you may have a few. (I've no clue what she is talking about ... just trying to blow dry hair and get in car FAST so I'm not late for Mass)
2 minutes later...
4yrold: Mom Warren is eating all the M&M's!!
Mom: (saying anything to keep 4yrold calm), "I will speak to Warren, shame on him."
2 minutes later...
4yrold: Mom Warren says he is not eating M&M's and I see him doing it and I want some!
Mom: (urrrrrrrrrrr), yelling from bedroom, "WARREN NO MORE M&M'S BRUSH YOUR TEETH AND GET READY FOR MASS"
2 minutes later...
4yrold: He is still eating them mommy.
Warren: I'm not eating M&M's
Mom to 4yrold: He is not eating M&M's.
4yrold with panic in face, and tears: Yes he is I see him doing it Mommy.
Warren: What is it? I am not eating M&M's.
4yrold: YES YOU WERE.
Mom: What were you eating?
Warren: Recee Pieces.
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Thursday, January 5, 2006

Prayer time: Forgivness

Forgiveness is very simple: Jesus forgave everyone when he was nailed to the Cross. We too must forgive everyone & everything and pray for the redemption of the trespasser. Do all you can to mend fences with all you have forgiven. You can of course set limits on future dealings with those you have forgiven. Also, and you know this, one must be patient and allow others to ask for forgiveness. Sometimes there will be a period of discomfort but pray and ask the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts so that they can see the error of their ways and ask for forgiveness. But always forgive instantly in your heart, do not wait to be asked.