Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Reflection on hospital stay... snow miracle

It's after midnight and I've had some time to reflect on my last hospital stay. I had the same abdominal pain & rick took me to the ER. The pain was fierce and barely manageable. I prayed and cried out at one point when I was in the hospital bed and they could not get an IV going to administer pain meds, "Jesus please show me a sign you hear me." Immediately I felt ashamed and embarrassed that I had asked for a sign when I've been blessed with so many. So I prayed, "Sweet Jesus, I know you are here, I need no sign. Mother Mary pray for me. St. Jude, pray for me." Later I was admitted to a room. I was in less pain thanks to good pain meds in the IV they finally got going. I lay in bed drifting off to sleep and thinking about how I pleaded for a sign from God, and again I asked to be forgiven. I fell asleep and was woken up to be taken for an xray. "Did you see the snow?" The young hospital worker who had to wheel me to radiation took me by a window so I could see the large snow falling softly about the roof of the hospital. I hoped Julia and Mary could see the snow too... since we'd been praying nightly for the snow to fall. It stopped after 10 minutes, but it was lovely. It didn't occur to me then or even in the hospital that the snow was perhaps Gods clear sign to me that He was and always is hearing my prayers... my pleas. (Look back at 12/29/2006) ... It only dawned on me once I came home and Mary came running to me shouting "Mommy, Mommy did you see the snow?" It was then I was struck by our own words that God gives us what we need when we need it. Jesus I trust in You.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Prayer time: forgiveness

Forgive others as you would want to be forgiven. Do not take away your peace of the peace of others by dwelling on the inadequacies of others. "Love one another as I have loved you."

Friday, February 2, 2007

Back home, thanks...

Thank you
I am home right now, for the time being. He does want to operate and fix the problem once and for all. He allowed me to go home because my white blood cell count was finally in the normal range (he pumped me with antibiotics). Thanks for your prayers, and if you can spare a few more .... that the right decisions are made regarding future surgery. He wants to run some tests rather than rush into surgery. I have to have a small bowel study done on Tuesday, and then I will see the surgeon on Thursday. I can't remember the name of the procedure but basically he wants to do the bowel surgery again... the one he did when I had gangrene. Thanks for your prayers, it was a hellish few days of ungodly pain. But now I'm feeling better, thanks to good medicine. I'm going to go rest, thanks so very much for your prayers.


Update from Mom:

Judy C is coming home today! The pain has subsided, and let's hope Judy will take over from now on to describe her condition. I'm way under-qualified! I know that she will be seeing Dr. R on Monday or Tuesday to decide the next step. Keep those prayers coming, dear friends ... God is listening.

Love and God's Blessings,Sylvia x,o

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Update on Judy, from Mom:

Update as of 6 PM this evening ... no change. Dr. R is still waiting to see if the blockage will pass on it's own ... He has prescribed anti-nausea meds (she was vomiting); anti-pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds. Not sure how long he will wait ... this is very disturbing and worrisome. Please, dear friends, continue to pray that surgery will not be necessary.

Love and God's Blessings,Sylvia x,o