Friday, February 2, 2007

Back home, thanks...

Thank you
I am home right now, for the time being. He does want to operate and fix the problem once and for all. He allowed me to go home because my white blood cell count was finally in the normal range (he pumped me with antibiotics). Thanks for your prayers, and if you can spare a few more .... that the right decisions are made regarding future surgery. He wants to run some tests rather than rush into surgery. I have to have a small bowel study done on Tuesday, and then I will see the surgeon on Thursday. I can't remember the name of the procedure but basically he wants to do the bowel surgery again... the one he did when I had gangrene. Thanks for your prayers, it was a hellish few days of ungodly pain. But now I'm feeling better, thanks to good medicine. I'm going to go rest, thanks so very much for your prayers.


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