Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blessed are the little ones...

April 25, 2007 "Blessed are the little ones"
Last night, Mary pulled the stuffing out of a stuffed animal and made a huge mess in the game room. After she picked it all up (5 year old version)... she was sent directly to bed, no snack, no stories, zip, (do not pass go, go directly to jail ... words spoken in my childhood)... anywho.... after everyone was asleep EXCEPT Mary, she came down and said she was sorry, and I told her I forgave her and that tomorrow would be a *new* day to start fresh and do all good things. Of course this was all followed with a nice hug and kiss, then I told her she would get to sleep faster if she would kneel next to her bed and say, "Jesus I'm sorry for cutting Julia's hair and for pulling the stuffing out of the stuffed animal."
She then added, "and I'll say sorry for hiding the cookies and eating them all and not telling Mommy, and for dumping the chips upside down in the kitchen, and for turning off the computer when Warren was using it and for pouring shampoo down the drain in the bathtub, and for opening my door when Daddy said it had to be shut, for putting peanut butter on the couch" ...
Yes, all this was done, and most of it was unknown as to who did it.

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