Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bachelor *spoiler* (if you've DVR'd it)

I'm a bachelor junky... along with survivor (Earl was my 3rd choice, I wanted Yau-man first, then Dreamz second)... anywho, I am thrilled that Tessa won. I wanted her from day one. She seemed to be the most genuine lady in the bunch. However, even though I just love this mush, I would never want anyone I know participating. I can't imagine Andy and Tessa sitting together and watching the last episode... especially when he can't decide up until the last minute who would be right for him. I think I'd be running for the exit if I were Tessa... I want someone totally taken with me, and me only.

BTW, I also enjoy Amazing Race, I wanted Charla and Mirna to win, but at least Rob and Amber did not win .

I know git a life, eh?

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Angie said...

Oh man, I loved the Bachelor this season too. I was so glad he chose Tessa too!!!! I know what you mean too, I couldn't imagine going through all that - it's just too much for me.

Now for the Amazing Race . . . I'm a Rob and Amber fan! :lol I wanted them to win so bad. I actually stopped watching the show when they got eliminated, but I forgot to stop Tivo from recording it, so I started watching it again. I actually liked Charla and Mirna better this season than the last time that they were on, but I still find them too Whiny . . . That's all it seems that Mirna ever did.