Saturday, March 17, 2007

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Chocolate Covered Cherries, March 2007

Well Julia has made us all laugh once again. Yesterday, it was warm and she decided to just wear underwear and sandals ... in the house this time, Thank Goodness ... well she came to me holding her bottom, and it looked like something was in there.
ME: Oh Julia did you have an accident in your pants.
Julia: ah huh
Nicholas: Oh man she has a lot of poop in her pants.
ME: Freeze, don't move, let me help you!
Nicholas: OH MY GOSH, she is digging it out with her hand, she has a handful and its dropping on the floor!!!!!
ME: JULIA, stop it! right now!!!!!! (I am trying to get to her as fast as I can, from across the room)
Nicholas: HUH? Mom she has chocolate covered cherries in her underpants.
(laugher all around)
We get the chocolate away from her, dig the rest out of her underpants and I give her a time out for getting into Dad's valentines Candy. No clue where it was or how she found it.
So I peek to see that she is sitting on the stairs for her time out and I see her eating yet more chocolate, as she raises her hands to cover her mouth, knowing she's been caught, I see one fall from her arm pit. One day perhaps the FBI may need her!!!!
sheesh! Funniest part of all is that she wanted me to think she had pooped in her pants, rather than get caught with chocolate!!!

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