Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hair today, gone tomorrow

April was "hair" month ...

Day 1:

It started with a field trip to target for Julia and Mary. Mary insisted that she needed *new* scissors to cut with. I know this is something she will need to master in kindergarten next year so we decided to make a big deal out of it.

I let them each pick out a pair of scissors. We even bought popcorn and lemonade to celebrate the occasion. They had a wonderful time at target (they do not get out much ;o)

Day 2:

I set the girls up with scissors and old magazines to cut up.... I'm sure you know where this is 'headed'.... aye yi yi
Mary gave Julia a new *do*... a little off the top, a chunk off the back, and a hefty trim off the right side. Her once adorable 'bob' is more like a pixie/bob mess.

Day 3:

All scissors are removed from site. NO MORE SCISSORS TODAY.

Day 4:

What a fool I am. Mary had a full day of no scissors, and then she pleaded with me to please let her have scissors today. She said she was going to cut out pictures and not hair. I was cleaning upstairs and I decided to get Elizabeth to watch the two of them. She fell asleep on the couch (not my fault MOM I was very tired).
When Julia came up to see me I wanted to scream. I did scream, something really brilliant, "Mary you have lost all privileges to cut hair." Of course I realized that my anger got the best of me and I had meant to say something else, but quite laughter came from all corners of the house... I managed to hold mine in. Imagine that.
I wanted to call Mary on a cell phone and give her a piece of my mind. Of course I did not. I threatened to cut her hair, which she says plainly, 'well do it now then.'
Instead she had a time out, and sent to her room.



Here are some before and after shots, I did my best to fix her hair ...

Day 5:

Mary sez: "Mom, can I have a boomerang? Because I'm over scissors?"

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