Monday, May 21, 2007

May 13, Mothers Day, My mothers a gamer

My Mothers A Gamer: May 18, 2007
My kids nominated me for My Mothers A Gamer, mothers day contest, we did not win, but I thought I'd share their entry. Warms a mothers heart, a gamer mother that is. Shiela was in charge of writing the story ... they left out my gamer tag, "XboxMomx6" ...
(from this website:
My beautiful, wonderful mother is a gamer. No, I don’t mean the Tetris/Sims sissy mothers. That doesn’t count. I mean the Halo playin’, hardcore RPG, sword slashing gamer.
You would think we live in a basement with empty beer cans crashed about with an angry mother who stares furiously into a lit screen while she shouts obscenities at her children. Quite the opposite. My mother cooks dinner every night. Our house is spotless. She’s an Arch Mage (Oblivion duh).
She is the perfect mother.
Her gaming began in a Pizza Parlor with the arcade game Tank by Kee games, then into the 80’s she played Pac Man, Qubert, and Centipede at the mall. Her father bought her and her siblings Colecovision for the Christmas of 1982. I’ve heard stories of the family playing Zaxxon well into the night.
A few years later after getting married she started a family (of game systems and six children). We played the original Zelda and shot ducks together (Duck Hunt) on the NES. We played Crono Trigger and Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. We played the classic Zelda, Mario Kart (with all four controllers no less), and Perfect Dark on the N64. I can remember playing co-op with her every night until completion. Good Times.
After a long shortage of intense gaming, Xbox launched with fury on our household. Were talking non-stop, all night, co-op Halo, blowing up Aliens with mom. Not easy mode—Legendary. It was the greatest gaming experience since Orcarina of Time.
However its not all gun shooting with my mom. My mother is also patient. She completed Morrowind. Enough said.
My mother also loves Xbox live. She saved my uncle’s life with it. One night she had convinced him to stay up and play Midtown Madness with her. It was very late and he wanted to go to bed. While he was playing a fire had started in his laundry room and began to spread about the house. It was a freak situation; even the fire alarm did not go off. If it were not for my mother and her passion for Xbox live he would have gone to bed and slept through the danger.
Xbox 360 is the current fascination in our household. My mother is a great cook. She served up her own Caldera Rice with 360 sauce in celebration of Oblivion’s arrival. A woman of strong moral integrity, she has completed all of Oblivion with the exception of the Dark Brotherhood.
She is now in preparation for Halo 3.


Anonymous said...

Great job, nice kids.

Saint Maker said...

Commenting on my own blog, pretty pathetic, but I meant to add that on Mothers Day my kids fixed a delicious breakfast in bed: Coffee, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, fruit salad, juice, blueberry muffins, and coffee cake! That was followed with gifts, a lovely Vera Bradley bag, and a new blouse. Then I spent the day with my sisters, shopping, dining, and going to the movies. I'd say that this day is one for the books! I had a nice time.