Thursday, May 31, 2007


OK, so I have a funny story to share about my first day at the pool last summer. My sister called me somewhat last minute to join her and her daughters at the pool. I looked at my blueish white body and decided a quick tan in the bottle would be best. I ran upstairs threw on my lovely new bathing suit, a nice tankini with a black skirt, and a tropical top. As much coverage as possible is my motto thank-you-very-much. Next I slathered on the self-tanner and headed out the door.

They all admired my new suit and my lovely tan. It was rather hot so we all decided to cool off in the pool. I got in and enjoyed floating about when my niece says, "Auntie you have some brown stuff on your shoulder." I looked over and it looked like someone had dumped a coke on my shoulders, so I brushed it off. When we stepped out of the pool I started laughing hysterically unable to even talk. I just pointed to my legs and arms and all of us stood there unable to move because we were laughing so hard. Of course the lifeguards, (my kids) were less impressed by the dripping of brownish goo all over their mothers body. Needless to say I will wait the 2 hours it requires before jumping in the pool next time.  aye yi yi

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Rosemary Bogdan said...

I don't know about sunless tanners but I also do not fold underwear! LOL It's all about priorities :-). Thanks for visiting my blog.