Monday, December 18, 2006

Special Rosary Experience

I had a special experience on Sunday, not sure exactly what is going on, but I've had that nagging feeling of sharing it with you guys. I was sitting up in bed sipping coffee and saying the Glorious Mysteries. I had a very very bright dancing light on my robe on my left shoulder. It reminded me of when someone shines a mirror at the sun and reflects it somewhere else. I looked all over the room and windows and of course there was nothing to explain why, so I relaxed. It did make me feel a sense of complete and utter peace, and brought happy tears to my eyes.

Has anyone experienced this kind of thing before or something similar?

I do have a special daily devotion to the Holy Spirit and have said the Holy Spirit prayer for years, rarely have I missed a day. I'm just wondering if that could be it. I'm convinced it is the Holy Spirit, because of my past experiences. I've tried to google and find other testimonies but not really sure what to call this. It was nice. Thanks for reading.

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