Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hi ho Hi ho, off to the ER I go...

Sheesh, I had to go to the ER on Thursday again. Same awful abdominal pain. It reminded me of contractions this time. The ER doctor said that I had an air bubble in my intestine blocking normal function and causing spasms/pain, which explained why it felt like contractions. It appears that this pocket of air formed at the surgery site. (The place where they had to cut out some of my bowel.) It had been suggested that there is a lot of scar tissue on the outside of the bowel, that is causing this problem

Fortunately, this time they allowed me to go home and deal with it rather than stay on an IV with pain meds at the hospital. I was hesitant at first but they gave me the same meds that they would have put me on in the hospital. Also, I was put on clear liquids.

Glad to be back home. Yesterday I spent the day in bed, sleeping mostly. My dh and kids took care of the daily chores, meals and the little ones. It was nice. Today I'm feeling just sore, but I was able to clean 3 bathrooms and do some laundry. This isn't a very exciting post, but it is therapeutic for me ... helps keep things in perspective, keeping panic attacks away. It is always in the back of my head that it could be a twisted bowel with gangrene again. So writing it and seeing that it is NOT that serious, just painful, helps tremendously.

Thanks for the prayers. God bless you all!



Angie said...

Oh Judy. I'm so sorry to hear you are still in pain from your surgery. I'll keep you in my prayers. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and children that help out so much!

Let us know how you are doing.

Oh, and I've got a couple of bathrooms that need cleaning if you've got the time. LOL I'm the world's worst housekeeper . . .


Saint Maker said...

Thanks Angie... this is really sick, but I LOVE to clean bathrooms ... with gloves of course. Thanks for the well wishes, how is your mom doing?

Angie said...

Judy, My mom is doing well. She's feeling good. She hasn't heard about her test results yet, which she is looking at as a good sign, as if it were something serious, they would have called by now . . . Those are her thoughts. I'll let you know the results of the test when she gets them. :)

Saint Maker said...

no news is good news! We're praying.