Wednesday, June 6, 2007

If you give a Moose Mom a muffin Magic eraser...

She will use it to remove the crayon marks on the kitchen door. When she is done with the kitchen door she will notice the black marks on the light switch. Next she will see the scuff marks on the kitchen floor that lead to the family room where she will wipe off the marks along the walls where the furniture has been pushed up against the wall. This will lead to the stairway and she will see the dirty banister and while wiping that on her way up the stairs she will see the bathroom, when she reaches the bathroom she will see the soap scum on the tub and will use what is left of the Magic eraser to wipe it down... then most likely she will plop down in a recliner and call the local pizza parlor and have them prepare dinner.

I love the series of books by Laura Joffe Numeroff, and when I was doing some cleaning today with my Magic Eraser, which I think is the best invention since sliced bread, I was hopping from one task to another and that story popped in my head.


Angie said...

That is so true!!! When I pull out my magic eraser, I turn into a cleaning machine going from room to room. LOL Bob took it to our banister one day . . . It was amazing all the gunk on the banisters. Our banisters are actually brown, I always thought they were supposed to be black! LOL

Oh, and we just recently discoverd the "If you give . . ." books by Numerof. We love them - so much fun!!!

Thanks for a smile this morning!

Barb, sfo said...

Funny--precisely because it IS true!

Suzanne said...

MAGIC ERASER....THE VERY BEST! I can't figure the thing out...that is still the part that drives me crazy!
I've never seen anything like it no matter how hard one scrubs with anything else...not most of the time.
This is one thing I have to say that we do have better than our moms in the past. Yep. Its funny, I always find myself cleaning more too if its in my hand! LOL!