Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Motherly advice

I know we've all heard that phrase, "eat everything on your plate, because there are people starving in China." It was debunked for years by modern psychology saying that mothers were making glutens out of their children. Children were becoming obese because their mothers made them eat everything on their plates. In the beginning of parenthood, I too bought into that belief, having weight issues of my own I didn't force anyone to finish their plates. It does make dinner time pleasant and the kids are happy that there is no pressure to eat anything they don't want. However, could I be neglecting my kids souls?

I think it is important to teach our children to appreciate what they have and not to take it for granted. I also believe that when you are given much, much is expected of you. I think it is our obligation to look out for out children, body, mind and soul. Though the later is not the least but rather I was saving the best for last. Yes we must nourish their souls as well.

In parenting there are many opportunities for lessons. For example, when the tragedy of Va. Tech happened I asked my kids to not take their education for granted because there are kids that will no longer be able to further their education. Kids that can't even wake up in the morning and go to school I let them know that it is like a slap in God's face to skip homework when He has given them many blessings to be able to do their homework. When they want to stay home from school, I let them know that they are healthy and able to go and that there are places in this world where the kids are forced to work and not allowed to go to school. Is this Catholic guilt? Perhaps, or perhaps it is nourishment for the soul.

When much is given much is expected.

I have been practicing this in my own life, and thinking about the mundane tasks as gifts from God. Thank you Jesus for giving me the ability to fold laundry, to care for my family and to have a home to clean. Thank you Jesus.

Have a nice day!

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