Saturday, July 7, 2007

Julia, Julia, Julia

M: dumped bag of straws on game room floor (I am a big straw girl, and I had Shiela pick up a bag to replace on the way home)

Tu: dumped new bag of straws on game room floor (this time I made the kids pick them up and keep them ... gross but I don't care)

W: Julia colored herself with green permanent marker (Eliz: Mom don't punish her she was just not being watched good enough ... never found the markers)

Th: peanut butter mishap <-- says it all F: Julia got into Shiela's makeup ... left out by Elizabeth who gave the girls makeovers ... and she covered her lily white body from head to toe using a DARK waterproof bronzer as a body lotion. I was headed out the door all packed up for the pool. I had to use ponds cold cream to get it off. (I was going to leave her at home while we went to the pool but Elizabeth said that it was not Julia's fault because she left it out and Julia was too tempted) Oh and you should have seen the mess in the family room!!!!!!

Sat: Shiela made a big salad for all of us for lunch, then left for work. Mary came running "mom mom Julia is making a recipe!" ... she had dumped the entire bottle of apple juice, ketchup in the salad bowel. WHAT A MESS. (I made Elizabeth clean it up, because she had lunch dishes and left it out. This time Elizabeth is fed up. I hear this: "Julia go sit on the stairs for a time out and you are going to eat every bit of this salad until it is gone. You are going to have it for lunch, for dinner, for your bedtime snack and you are going to have it for breakfast." haha... I'm loving this. I should have left her at home and went to the pool as planned! I'm sure she would have remembered it.

Sun: I will attempt to have her exercised by a priest, or at least dunk her in the holy water font!!!!!!

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