Monday, July 30, 2007

Nail clippers gone AWOL

Oh where oh where have you gone... does anyone else have problems with missing nail clippers? I swear my house has a black hole in it. Along with the nail clippers, I'm missing countless combs, hair brushes, and scissors. I had a friend once say, "What you need to do is to put these items in the same place each time and then you will not lose them."

Really? I should have thought of that.

I had to laugh. She does not have children. Enough said. Don't I wish that I could put my comb in the drawer in my bathroom, and come back the next day and find it.

Of course other things go missing too... like remote controls. Now who takes a remote to their bedroom, puts it under their bed, and swears they have no idea how it got there. Who looks under a bed to find one? Well, I do. One day the lunch meat was missing from the fridge. I knew it was impossible for someone to eat that much meat in one day. I found it later in the cupboard where we keep the dishes.

I often call upon St. Anthony to help me find things, he is quite good, but I also rely on St. Jude ... in fact I now have a St. Jude key chain. It helps.

Well I'd better go... I need to find the phone charger. No clue WHY anyone would need to move that.

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