Thursday, August 16, 2007


I'm watching the news and I'm stunned at all the Elvis fanatics out there.

I remember when he died. "Isn't that sad?" was about all my family said of it. We were sad that he lived such a sad life (sex, drugs and booze) and that his child would be fatherless. There was a neighbor who bought shirts for her entire family to wear for the occasion. The black T-shirt had his picture on it and the words, "The King Lives." I teased her son a few years after Elvis' death, but he was quite offended raised his fist and shouted he'd fight anyone who made fun of the KING. He wore the shirt proudly each year.

You know at the time I just took it as odd and thought maybe they had perhaps dipped in the gene pool a few too many times. But as the years passed and the attention to Graceland grew I just thought that Elvis must have represented a special time in their lives and it was just hard for them to let go of the memories they had during the Elvis years.

My thoughts have changed though as I watch the various news reports of the thousands of followers who are stopping at Graceland. The news reports that many followers are here to visit the "meditation garden" and visit with Elvis. I can't imagine Elvis or anyone would want to be 'worshiped' like this. Even Saints ... who lived their lives completely for Christ ... have no desire to be worshiped less they take any attention away from the real King, God Almighty that is. Of course this is no fault of Elvis... just the countless lost souls who looking for love in all the wrong places.

The channel I'm watching now has interviewed some of the bystanders. "He's my King. I will love him forever." shouts one woman from Australia. Another says, "They say he is still alive, and I believe he is alive."

There is only one King and we all know who that is.

I was going to put up a picture of Elvis as I like visuals with my blogs, but when I googled his picture up came a picture of "The sacred heart of Elvis" sick sick sick.

I rest my case.


Angie said...

Yeah, that is very sad. People try to fill the void in their life with so much stuff. Only Jesus can fill that void. Not only will He fill it, but He will make it overflow . . . I had to pray for the people I saw on tv over here. It was very sad.


Saint Maker said...

Well said! Amen! Yes, pray for the conversion of sinners. Sad that some have not been touched by Jesus.