Saturday, August 4, 2007

Motherhood, penance

I've no doubt that mothers are doing penance here on earth. Sheesh. Right now I want to cry, but I feel that someday I MAY laugh at this, so I'll jot it down and then YEARS AND YEARS and yearssssssssssss.... LATER I will get a laugh out of it. big deal.

1:20PM Mary and Julia used a gallon of skim milk, and 3/4 of a container of Ovalteen. This was in a matter of minutes. Julia looked like she had gotten caught in a sewer, but Mary was clean.
M: I should not be punished because I'm a real good chocolate milk maker. Julia is not.
J: (just big smiles, so proud of her chocolate mess)

2 time outs later, and a thorough job of cleaning the kitchen. I had to remove chairs from the floor, move the dining room table, scrub cupboards, I'm sweating like a pig right now... still working while...

1:45PM Mary and Julia take a package of cookies... up to Shiela and Elizabeths room... no clue where they got it, I'm sure one of the teens purchased it. It was not in the kitchen because that is where I am.

Nicholas: Mom there are cookie crumbs up the stairs, down the hallway, and into Elizabeths room, and on her bed.

I SURRENDER. poor Elizabeth. She is in Washington today... wait until she returns. aye yi yi.

Me: Nicholas, lock their door, Mary and Julia back on the stairs!!!!

Julia: But Mom it was real easy to get the cookies.

What a smart cookie! She recalls me saying things such as this to the older ones: "If you leave it out you are responsible for the mess." Well I'll be changing my tune on that B.S. (bologna sandwich)

from the stairs I hear whispering: I can see the TV can you Julia?


While on the stairs... yes there is more...

Nicholas: "MOM!!!!!!!!" (who incidentally is thoroughly ticked off by now as he has been my helper in these cleanups. 'MOM THERE IS FLAVOR-ICE ALL OVER THE STAIRS, IN CHUNKS, MELTING EVERYWHERE'

What sort of imp is this kid???? Julia somehow got flavor-ice, scissors, from the kitchen, while I'm in there!!!!!!

Mary: Mom she did not cut her hair, that is good right?

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! There should be a 911 for mothers who need intervention... QUICK.

I'm just barely done with the kitchen. So I know that this has got to help make my time in purgatory much shorter. However this just occurred to me ... the totally angry thoughts I am having over this is probably making the time in purgatory longer... so I suppose in the end there is no difference.

My mother called to invite me to lunch... I've spared her the details here... but I'm taking her up on this. Of course lunch won't be until 4pm, when Shiela gets home from work.

Oh this story is not over yet.

Big mess in the game room...

me: Mary and Julia, come here, NOW. You have a mess to clean up.

Mary: I'll come when I feel like it.

Me: to myself, 'she did not just say that?'
Me: Mary what did you say?

Mary: I said I'll come when I feel like it.

......... spank .........

Mary: very cocky, "Why did you just hit me?"

spankings are rare in this house.

Me: Mary that was a spanking. When you get a time out, and it doesn't seem to make an impression with you, I sometimes make a longer time out. When that doesn't seem to work, I sometimes send you to your room. But sometimes, when you are sassy...

Mary: what is sassy?

Me: When you speak back to ...

Julia: I love you mommy. (master manipulator)

Me: I love you too Julia, but when you are bad, you have to get a spanking.

Julia: (Julia cooing and hugging my leg)

Mary: Are you going to hit me again?

Me: as I was saying, when You are sassy, you will be punished, and today I decided on a spanking. Now sit on the stairs until I tell you to get off!!!!!!

There is not enough calgon on this planet to take me away...


Mema said...

Oh those sweet gals ... I think they are being misunderstood ... or could it be that their grandmother has forgotten what it's like to clean up after toddlers? ;)

Saint Maker said...

yes, you forget... did I tell you that as I was leaving to come to your house for 'lunch' ... Julia had set herself up with some Crystal light packs, water and butter?????? Luckily we caught it before it had gotten too bad.

Angie said...

Oh man. Just reading all that is too much for me. LOL

LeeAnn said...

Oh, man, I can relate. I just got back from Assumption Mass with my four children--husband is STILL at work. I had the triple whammy. Whiny, tired child #4 throwing food (we went to Mass right after his nap, he hadn't eaten since noon), bottle, self to floor, multiple times; Noisy child #3 bothering other people and inciting their children to be noisy; embarassed self's cell phone going off as I finally cart out my toddler during the homily. Why did I bother?

Saint Maker said...

I feel your pain! LOL... Thank goodness for the graces we receive going to Mass because sometimes I just wouldn't have a clue why we were there either. {{{ hugs }}}

I gave the girls yogurts with spoons for the car ride there. It helped but my car is a mess.

Hey I read your profile and I see that you liked The Island too... great movie.