Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rescue Dawn rated PG-13

Rescue Dawn is the true story of Navy POW, Dieter Dengler's survival in vietnam.

Great film. It is a tough one to watch and I can't imagine it would be easy for a parent or spouse of someone currently serving in Iraq to view. I think it should be seen by all ... especially the young, 14 and older that is. Often war is glamorized, but not in this film. On top of that it is a true story of survival under the most extreme conditions. Fortunately it did not have political innuendo, so we were able to focus on the soldier and his story.

Directing, and acting were outstanding. It is very realistic and easy to get caught up in it. The POW's look as if they are starving and it is not due to a great makeup artist, but the actors really lost weight for their parts. Dieter has an infectious personality and a tremendously positive outlook that proves key to his survival. He has decided to survive and that he does. Sadly it will be leaving theaters soon so you may have to wait for the video. This would be one for your video library.

Here are some pictures of the actor Christian Bale who portrayed Dieter in the film. He not only had the acting down pat... he lost weight during the film. An amazing transformation.

Before being captured he was normal weight:
After he is a POW:

Here is a link to his life story: Dieter Dengler

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Angie said...

I'll have to check this movie out. But based on how often Bob and I get out to the movies, we'll just end up buying it when it's released on dvd. Thanks for the review.