Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mother of the year, or

... more like crazy mother of the year.
I took Warren and a friend of his to Game stop at Midnight to get their copies of Halo 3. I was so tired from getting little to no sleep the night before that I think they had me before I could think straight. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

I have to admit as a fellow gamer, (see this entry for full details: My Mother is a Gamer) it was pretty cool, translates: VERY NERDY, being apart of the excitement.

Sleep Schedule:

1:30AM Drop into Bed
2:00AM awoken by well-meaning-husband, needed the flight number of dd#1
2:30AM Back to sleep
4:00AM awoken by Mary, nightmare
4:30AM Back to sleep
5:30AM awoken by husband, going to work
pretty much everything after that is a blurrrrrrrr until 7ish

Sadly I have not gotten a chance to sample the game, as they have rewired the xbox to work on a computer, not sure which drive is connected to the shin bone, etc, you get the idea...

I'm very tired.

After a good nights rest, I'll be back to my normal self again...


Esther said...

I will not be sharing this post with my son because then he will be very disappointed in me as a mother :-)

Mema said...

Such lucky young men to have a Mom agree to line up at midnight for a game ... but HALO??? Poppy thinks it's a grand idea ... I feel that's a debatable subject. And ... would Dad's line up with daughters and their friends somewhere at midnight to get the latest Barbie? ;)

Shiela said...

You are a nut case!!! You will have all the geeks voting you mother of the year. You don't have to post this...just get some fr@a%in sleep!

Angie said...

Reading this gets me all excited for black Friday!!!! I love the thrill of shopping on that day! You can count me in with the "nerdy" crowd! LOL

Hope Warren is likeing his game.

Saint Maker said...

Esther... you are one smart mother. I am just now going to bed. However, I would like to say that I just unlocked the first achievement in Halo 3. :) ... but I have not played for very long and the family did eat (cowGIRL chili, I might add.. but they ate)

Saint Maker said...

Angie... have you played either of the other 2 halo's?

Fast Eddy... aka Doc said...

Can I like leave anonymous comments and rants? Great Bloggin' Judy. I forgot where mine was! After one blog post. My life is a blog... think about that. peace... yo' lil bro edw... ooops... anonymass