Monday, September 24, 2007

Prayers please...

Please pray for my sanity ... both my college girls will be gone by tomorrow. Shiela is leaving for a college in Europe tomorrow to take a semester there. Elizabeth was home for the weekend to give Shiela a proper send off but back to college she went. We will miss them both. The house won't be the same. The whole atmosphere changes when even one leaves.

One of my favorite books growing up was "Little Women." I remember I was already thinking about how my family would change at the age of 12. I had already started worrying about my older sister, then 14, going away to college.

At the dinner table this afternoon, I joked and told the girls to over compliment my spaghetti today because the boys never say "hmmm, this is delicious" ... that alone is worth keeping them around for. It will be our last dinner together for a while. Here is a blog entry from 2005 that describes a bit about why I will miss my girls: God's Grace