Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Julia had a b-day yesterday... it was just 4 years ago that you all were praying for me when they took her 7 weeks early and were amazed that there was nothing wrong with her... no signs of prematurity except for the size and a few minor details. We were surely blessed. It was in the OR that I turned to my husband and said, "Not Julia Rose" .... "But Julia Noel" ... 7 days before Christmas and she looked like the best present I had ever seen. He spread the news that Julia Rose was born and we received cards saying just that, he thought it was the medication speaking, I later set him straight.
Julia of course has been such a joy to all of us... being the sixth child has its drawbacks and its rewards. She is doted on by all 5 of the older kids, even her sister Mary just 2 years older. She cries for everything and gets nothing from Mommy when she does this but gets every thing she wants from everyone else... this is a battle I just can't seem to win, but I'm trying.
She gives us a real run for our money... this summer we got all the way to our vacation destination spot and when I was undressing her for bed, I noticed that she had 2 different sandals on... yes a Dora and a hello kitty, she wanted both but was told that she could pick one. Both were pathetic hand-me-downs, all dirty, which is why ONE was all she could take. Somehow that was the ONLY pair of shoes besides some care bear slippers, also hand-me-downs.
She often snaps me into reality. Just when I think that 'hey six is easy, and I can have a clean house, keep the laundry up, and stay organized' ... there is always Julia to ground me. Recently she helped me clean all the crayon off the walls throughout the house with the magic eraser. And yes I do mean every room in the house. Full walls to small happy faces. All by her. We discussed how this was dreadful and that mommy did not want to go through this again. A few days later I was in the game room and I looked at the wall and my old age eyes could barely make it out but as I walked closer to the wall I realized the entire wall was covered in "Julia style art" ... "No it was Nicholas mommy" said she, "but I'll clean it with the wipe thing mommy." I knew she was having too much fun... It's been a month and it is still there. Imagine that.
And hey well, we all remember the hair cuts she has given and taken... someone with one child said to me, 'why not put the scissors away?' I just smiled and said 'OK.' The scissors in this house are like rabbits, they multiply like crazy, and yet when you want to get a pair to use you can't find any.
She makes us all laugh too... just this morning while getting ready for the day, the normal routine is to send her for a pair of clean undies in my room that I keep in a stack so I KNOW when we are getting low. (One of those things that large families must do) Anyway, I noticed that the pair she was putting on looked oddly like the pair she put on the day before... hmmm... and even the pair from the day before that day... so I said to her. "Julia is that a new pair?"
Julia: "I love my little pony mommy." (also hand-me-downs)
ME: "But is it a NEW PAIR?"
Julia:"I love ponies mommy"
ME: Smell it Julia.
Julia: Ewwwwwwwww this underwear smells yucky mommy.
We love our Julia Noel.