Friday, February 22, 2008


If you're keeping up with my comings and goings you may be interested... while I was away, mayhem ensued. Well not exactly. Well truthfully, the kids were fed, Rick nursed Mary back to complete health after a bout with the ugly flu. He even did all the laundry, as I have the 10 foot laundry mountain in my room to prove it, although the mountain is dwindling as everyone has been steadily climbing it.
(Left picture: Julia standing in front of Laundry Mountain)

No to be truly fair, Rick did an outstanding job. He is a totally hands on Dad. Thanks sweetheart. (see rick --->)

No wherein lies the problem is with the 360. I finished breakfast, and it is a cloudy, rainy day. YES I do have a mountain of laundry calling my name, but I thought I'd pop in my new xbox game, Lost Odyssey. (A valentine gift from my sweetie) Julia was playing a matching game on my palm and I thought I could steal a few minutes of selfish game play.

I turn on the 360 and the ring of light was completely red and blinking. Fortunately it was not the death ring of light shown on the left. If you see the ring of death light you will need to call for the resuscitator... Microsoft. No I
had the ring of the A/V cable was missing. Yep missing. (note, I did not have to look up the ring, pretty cool eh?)

So I searched the house, found it in the boys room. duh. Hooked it up and sat down. The controller was out of juice. sheesh. Could they not keep it charging? I then try to locate the charger. missing. sheesh. I go back to the dungeon. The boys room. I search and search and can not find the charger cable.
Give me a break. As I continue to search, I find a nativity angel, Mary and Julia's kids bop CD, a few lego's ouch, a moldy glass of ????, some sunflower seeds, various dirty clothes, yanked from the mountain sometime this week and then ahhhhhhh... I find a fully charged spare controller! woo woo... I'm in business. I even take a moment to congratulate myself on my ability as a mother or should I say mutha, to be able to reignite the 360. I'm in business.

. Can you fix the TV?" screams Julia from the game room.

"Fix it?!?!" I ask. It's time for Dora.

Well to my shock and great surprise, yeah right, there is no cable line, and no wires what-so-ever on the back of the TV. I'm sure I'll fix it but now I can forget game play... maybe someone can tell me what lost odyssey is about.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back from the funeral

My trip to the funeral was just great. Thanks for the prayers. (on the right is a picture of me and my Auntie Lenora)

It was an emotional trip to say the least. Not all sad, I might add. Many many joyful moments. I was able to catch up with my relatives, that to me was worth all the effort to go.

Before I left on my trip I had been looking into the meaning of "joy." You know just like my personal study of the meaning of forgiveness. I asked God to help me discover real pure joy. I feel like God answered my questions through my Uncle Curly. (seen below with my auntie Lenora ... They loved to square dance.)

He was such a wonderful person. He always made me feel like I was the single most important person in the room. When I was a pre-teen going through a tough time at school where I was ostracized, and excluded for a time. Nothing different from other pre-teens, but during my summer break we traveled to Massachusetts and my Uncle welcomed me into there home with his purely joyful way. "JUDY JUDY JUDY, how are you? Good to see you." Followed up with a beautiful full bodied loving hug. I had not thought of that time in my life until my trip back from the funeral. I felt so wanted and loved. Unconditional. Someone to me, that defined "cool" loved me for who I was. (Of course my Mother and Father gave this to me, but we all know that they don't count. LOL)

So many spoke of these same feelings that it would be impossible to summarize his joyful way in this small blog. He touched so many. But I want to share a couple of key things...

He was 6 when his father drowned. He was the oldest and it was not long after that that he had to quit school and earn money for the family. Due to poor nutrition, he became crippled and had to be taken around in a wagon. I'm told he still worked to earn money, even in a crippled state. Then one day he went to the St. Ann shrine and crawled on his crippled legs to the shrine and asked for a healing. He walked away, healed.

I heard it said that the reason he was most likely chosen for a healing by Our Lord, through our Lords Grandmother, St. Ann, was because he asked for the healing not for his own selfish ways, but so that he could care for his family better.


I hope that I have shared enough about Herve "Curly" Robillard with you so that you can feel some of the joy that we were blessed to feel for so many years.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Curly Robillard

(Feb 13, 2008)

Survived by my Aunt, Lenora, and their wonderful children, Corrine, Bobby & Wayne, and their families.

I wrote a letter to my Auntie a few months ago, sharing with her the joy that she and my uncle brought to my life. I will share parts of that letter here, so other may know the joy he brought to our lives. Please enjoy these random memories...

I was at my Moms this week and she and I were laughing over something Uncle Curly used to say, one that gave us all a chuckle, “I wonder what the poor people are doing?” Anyone who knows Uncle Curly would know that no harm was meant by these jokes. He cared for all people. Not only that but he was poor once in his life so he very much could relate to this. I have been known to share these same Curly-isms with my own family. At a young age his father died and he had to take care of the family working while other kids went to school. Never bitter, always grateful for work to do.

I was very young the first time I went to Mass with my Aunt and Uncle. It was there that I was struck with both of your quiet, steady devotion to God. I had never seen that side of you. I felt privileged to be there with you. It meant a lot to me as a child to share the sign of peace with you both.

I recall a Sunday afternoon at their home. We were all sitting around watching a game on TV while the ladies were cooking in the kitchen. I was probably not more than 12 years old. Wayne came out of his bedroom and sat down with the kids and said “Watch This.” As if on cue, Uncle Curly got out of his recliner and marched down the hallway to Wayne’s room … which incidentally had a large stereo blaring music down the hallway. He hit a few knobs, said a few things under his breath. We heard the music go up, the radio stations changed, the base went up and down but still he was unable to turn it off. We were all laughing hysterically until finally Wayne went to his rescue. I, who thought I was too savy with electronics, never thought the day would come when I would reenact this! Ha ha on me! I have reached that point. I remember wanting to play some music while all the kids were at school. Just something peppy to listen to while I cleaned the kitchen. Warren’s computer/stereo setup is so wicked I was unable to even get sound out of the speakers. I wanted to throw the #!@$ speakers out the door! Just then I recalled Uncle Curly and laughed out loud to myself.

There was another opportunity for Wayne to get a laugh out of us yet again. It happened to be at a somber moment where everyone needed a laugh. After Meme’s wake was over, Wayne came over to us and said, “hey I’ll bet my father is outside cleaning the windows in my car.” Sure enough we walked outside and there was Uncle Curly, Windex in hand, paper towels in the other and was cleaning Wayne’s car. It was moments like these where you could see just how much Uncle Curly loves his kids. He said he wanted the back window to be clear for safety reasons. What a simple but sweet way to demonstrate your love.

I recall another funny story. We all went to Friendly’s after dinner for dessert, and Michelle, then just a toddler, grabbed Corrine’s wig and threw it!? I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard. It was there that my brother and sisters and I became quite impressed with Uncle Curly’s ability to eat 3 banana splits! I long for those days again.

Both my Aunt and Uncle define generosity. I remember when we were leaving Massachusetts and returning to Virginia. We stopped by your house on our way out of town and you both came out with arm loads of chips and snacks for the road. Our father explained to us young children that you were giving away your profits from the chip delivery job he used to have.

Another time after I was married, Rick we came to visit them and they treated us to dinner at a restaurant. I was all set to order the Tuna sandwich and they talked me into a fancy dinner. When the waitress came they ordered the dinners for Rick and I and then split a tuna sandwich! When the check came you picked it up and would not let us leave even a dime. There are countless examples of their generosity… too many to write. Their example has been something for us all to live up to.

I also appreciated the way the entire family opened their arms to my husband, Rick and included him as part of the family. I love you all for that. This has meant a lot to me. The whole family, Corrine, Eddie, Bob, Paulette, Wayne and all the grand kids have always welcomed us into their homes. What an example you have set. Awesome family!

All good memories implanted in my heart. I love the way they cared about each other. I have often looked to their example in my own marriage. I liked the way my Auntie took the humorous approach rather than the ‘poor me’ approach. Their marriage has been a great example to all of us.

Year’s ago my mother told me that they pray devotedly for us. She said Uncle Curly shared this with her. I was so impressed that at that moment I too added you guys to my prayers in a more consistent manner. I had always prayed for you, but now I was determined to live by your example so please know that I have never stopped thinking about either of you. I have added you to my Rosary intentions and my nightly prayers. I am sorry that you are both suffering right now. In my eyes you are hero’s. Never wavering in your faith … never wavering in your love for each other … never boasting … just steady, quiet and kind … always. I love you both for this.

I’ll end with EEEEEEEE-URP. Another great memory of both of you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sad Day

Please pray for the repose of the soul of my Uncle Curly. We have lost a great man today, but heaven has gained another Saint. Pray for his lovely wife, my Auntie Lenora. Thanks everyone.