Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back from the funeral

My trip to the funeral was just great. Thanks for the prayers. (on the right is a picture of me and my Auntie Lenora)

It was an emotional trip to say the least. Not all sad, I might add. Many many joyful moments. I was able to catch up with my relatives, that to me was worth all the effort to go.

Before I left on my trip I had been looking into the meaning of "joy." You know just like my personal study of the meaning of forgiveness. I asked God to help me discover real pure joy. I feel like God answered my questions through my Uncle Curly. (seen below with my auntie Lenora ... They loved to square dance.)

He was such a wonderful person. He always made me feel like I was the single most important person in the room. When I was a pre-teen going through a tough time at school where I was ostracized, and excluded for a time. Nothing different from other pre-teens, but during my summer break we traveled to Massachusetts and my Uncle welcomed me into there home with his purely joyful way. "JUDY JUDY JUDY, how are you? Good to see you." Followed up with a beautiful full bodied loving hug. I had not thought of that time in my life until my trip back from the funeral. I felt so wanted and loved. Unconditional. Someone to me, that defined "cool" loved me for who I was. (Of course my Mother and Father gave this to me, but we all know that they don't count. LOL)

So many spoke of these same feelings that it would be impossible to summarize his joyful way in this small blog. He touched so many. But I want to share a couple of key things...

He was 6 when his father drowned. He was the oldest and it was not long after that that he had to quit school and earn money for the family. Due to poor nutrition, he became crippled and had to be taken around in a wagon. I'm told he still worked to earn money, even in a crippled state. Then one day he went to the St. Ann shrine and crawled on his crippled legs to the shrine and asked for a healing. He walked away, healed.

I heard it said that the reason he was most likely chosen for a healing by Our Lord, through our Lords Grandmother, St. Ann, was because he asked for the healing not for his own selfish ways, but so that he could care for his family better.


I hope that I have shared enough about Herve "Curly" Robillard with you so that you can feel some of the joy that we were blessed to feel for so many years.

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Esther said...

Oh, I am really sorry for your loss. May your dear uncle rest in peace.