Friday, February 22, 2008


If you're keeping up with my comings and goings you may be interested... while I was away, mayhem ensued. Well not exactly. Well truthfully, the kids were fed, Rick nursed Mary back to complete health after a bout with the ugly flu. He even did all the laundry, as I have the 10 foot laundry mountain in my room to prove it, although the mountain is dwindling as everyone has been steadily climbing it.
(Left picture: Julia standing in front of Laundry Mountain)

No to be truly fair, Rick did an outstanding job. He is a totally hands on Dad. Thanks sweetheart. (see rick --->)

No wherein lies the problem is with the 360. I finished breakfast, and it is a cloudy, rainy day. YES I do have a mountain of laundry calling my name, but I thought I'd pop in my new xbox game, Lost Odyssey. (A valentine gift from my sweetie) Julia was playing a matching game on my palm and I thought I could steal a few minutes of selfish game play.

I turn on the 360 and the ring of light was completely red and blinking. Fortunately it was not the death ring of light shown on the left. If you see the ring of death light you will need to call for the resuscitator... Microsoft. No I
had the ring of the A/V cable was missing. Yep missing. (note, I did not have to look up the ring, pretty cool eh?)

So I searched the house, found it in the boys room. duh. Hooked it up and sat down. The controller was out of juice. sheesh. Could they not keep it charging? I then try to locate the charger. missing. sheesh. I go back to the dungeon. The boys room. I search and search and can not find the charger cable.
Give me a break. As I continue to search, I find a nativity angel, Mary and Julia's kids bop CD, a few lego's ouch, a moldy glass of ????, some sunflower seeds, various dirty clothes, yanked from the mountain sometime this week and then ahhhhhhh... I find a fully charged spare controller! woo woo... I'm in business. I even take a moment to congratulate myself on my ability as a mother or should I say mutha, to be able to reignite the 360. I'm in business.

. Can you fix the TV?" screams Julia from the game room.

"Fix it?!?!" I ask. It's time for Dora.

Well to my shock and great surprise, yeah right, there is no cable line, and no wires what-so-ever on the back of the TV. I'm sure I'll fix it but now I can forget game play... maybe someone can tell me what lost odyssey is about.

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