Thursday, July 24, 2008

25th Anniversary....

About 25 years ago to the day, July 16, 1983, my dh and I went out on our first date. A blind date I might add. We went to see the movie, War Games. I picked the movie because I figured if the date bombed then at least I'd get to see a film I wanted. As it turns out it did not bomb -- the movie OR the date ... and I met a gem.

It all started at the Jolly Lobster. A local dance place. I went with a few girlfriends -- Karen, Juanita, and Connie. We met a man, Ira, who fell for Connie, and when he got home he told his roommate, Rick, about Moi. They called me up a few days later and we set up a date.

I was not interested at first, but then my mother told me I should go. I was casually dating someone, but I I took her advice anyway and the rest is History.

Our Local movie theater is playing the movie this evening.
Too bad we couldn't go.

Oh and Connie and Ira married a month after us, in 1985.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mary's New Haircut

She will be sending her braid to Locks of Love.

By the way, thanks Colana for lovely postcard for Mary's scrapbook! Check out Colana's lovely site: