Thursday, July 24, 2008

25th Anniversary....

About 25 years ago to the day, July 16, 1983, my dh and I went out on our first date. A blind date I might add. We went to see the movie, War Games. I picked the movie because I figured if the date bombed then at least I'd get to see a film I wanted. As it turns out it did not bomb -- the movie OR the date ... and I met a gem.

It all started at the Jolly Lobster. A local dance place. I went with a few girlfriends -- Karen, Juanita, and Connie. We met a man, Ira, who fell for Connie, and when he got home he told his roommate, Rick, about Moi. They called me up a few days later and we set up a date.

I was not interested at first, but then my mother told me I should go. I was casually dating someone, but I I took her advice anyway and the rest is History.

Our Local movie theater is playing the movie this evening.
Too bad we couldn't go.

Oh and Connie and Ira married a month after us, in 1985.


Esther said...

Happy Anniversary!!

CatholicConvert said...

First zone 1 DVD I had to buy (I don't live in Zone 1 and this movie was not available in any local zone).

Congrats on the anniversary.