Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Miss the college girls...

I'm in a house full of testosterone poisoned men, boys, teens whatever you want to call it.

I sent one out to the garage to get "the butter in the blue box in the fridge" and he didn't show up for hours, I found him wandering around the upstairs looking for a blue box. I should be grateful he still knows his colors. Sometimes I wonder if he'll make it home from the bus.

Then I watched my other son walk past a glass of tea on the counter and I said, "Hey can you hand me my tea on the counter?"

He walked out the front door. I waited and he walked back in. I was determined. I thought a mental picture would help so I described it. "I want my glass of tea, in the green glass, on the counter right next to your hand."

He walked upstairs. I shook my head and went and got the tea myself. Later he came downstairs and told me he looked all over my room but could not find the phone.

Last night I sat watching the 3 of them discuss Math. How does one discuss Math you ask? Or maybe you are one of those who discusses Math. I couldn't repeat
what they said because frankly I was trying to hear Greta on fox and to me it was a lotta blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. But it struck me as odd that the lot of them could sit and discuss Math for hours, memorize formulas yet forget what they went to the grocery store for. Somehow it doesn't add up.

Anywho... I love the whole crew, but lets face it some girl talk ... from grown girls that is ... I've got enough underage talk from the younger two girls... some real girl talk or someone to say "this is delicious Mom!" I miss my chocolate cohorts, and my movie buddies. What is a chic flick without chicks!

Can't wait for Thanksgiving...

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Shiela said...

"or maybe you are one who discusses math." Fortunately I can say that I'm not. At all.

LOL very funny!!!