Friday, March 20, 2009


At mass this morning, father mentioned that today was the halfway mark of lent. He spoke about renewing our commitment to finish out lent. This got me thinking ...

So often even the smallest sacrifices can seem undaunting! My sister once told me that her family seems to crave hamburgers on Friday. It has become a joke in her family because of course they avoid meat on Friday but the ol' devil tries his best to distract them. Temptation comes in so many different tricky forms. Excessive worry is one, for example. How often have I prayed for an outcome and then worry excessively until the outcome is clear? I'm working on this one.

Something that has helped me to stay close to Christ, and to avoid temptation is to make a cross with my thumb and pointer finger. Now I'm not waving it in the air and showing everyone, but simply making it quietly as a reminder to myself.

This finger symbol has two parts to it. The cross is a sign of what God has done for me, and helps me to stay the course. The cross also looks like a 't,' which is the first letter in the word, Trust, as in, Jesus I Trust in You. I give this problem to you Jeus, and I TRUST you will handle it. Ah, the peace that has comes from doing this.

If we do falter, the best thing to do is to forgive ourselves, and ask forgiveness from God. Going to confession will give us the grace and humility we need to avoid near occasions of sin.

It is so important that we forgive ourselves. Otherwise unknowingly we could create a void between us and Christ. This void could fester and grow and before we know it we avoid God through our actions because of our guilt and shame. Avoid the temptation to wallow in guilt and come back running to Christ. He will always always ALWAYS be there with open arms.

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