Friday, July 30, 2010

My $2,500 I-pod plays 300 songs, I-giveup

I realize there are bigger fish to fry than trying to tackle apple and their i-pod. Let's face it I'm a small person & in a big company and they will never even know I'm alive.

But I must vent somewhere...
My son washed my i-pod in the washing machine... the really bad thing is, I'm a swimmer and I had a perfectly good waterproof case for it. Naturally when it was washed the case was not on it. I've DEALT with my son who will never touch my i-pod again... my new one that is. Yes, I had to get a new one. You see that wasn't the first time he'd washed it. Although it is nice and clean it is basically a useless $250 piece of trash. Although there are companies for a fee that will resurrect my i-pod, or so they say... that is something I may consider, some day...

Alas my grief with apple is not over the washed i-pod, that is certainly not their fault, my beef with i-pod is their i-tunes set up. They have so much fear of being cheated that the legitimate consumers like myself have to jump through hoops and catch rainbows before ever getting all their music on to ONE i-pod.

See if you can follow this music trail. Many years ago we bought a family computer, we downloaded songs for our first gen i-pod. Then as my children went from tots to teens they purchased i-pods and opened i-tunes accounts. Then from there when the family computer became over burdened, Mommy got a fancy new laptop. But getting all the songs from family cmoptuer to moms laptop never happened. Some came some did not. Then follow the story to mom gave the laptop to one of the college kids, and purchased a new laptop, and again the same song and dance with i-tunes, you can have some songs but not all. Well in my mind I estimate, that we have in total purchased some $1000+ songs from i-tunes but at present I'm only allowed to have 300+ songs. I'm not going to describe the choreography of how i-tunes-apple-jacks wants me to register my i-pod with one computer... my head is literally spinning right now...

For all the apple enthusiasts out there i KNOW you are going to come back and tell me how to do whatever to whatever to have whatever but all I can say is


it would be much easier to skydive to a record store and purchase the CD's than to jump through this menagerie of tricks apple wants me to do

Amazon, my son has been telling me for YEARS," mom stop d/l i-tunes, amazon is cheaper and much more reliable. Easy to put on all your computers and your i-pod"

So there. Amazon, here I come.

Incase you didn't follow it, the total cost of my i-pod includes all the generations, plus the songs, winding up with a really expensive piece of junk.

OH and btw, I can now take video with my newest i-pod, but not pictures, and we can't get the video's off the i-pod sadly so we'll just sit around my 2inch screen and watch the videos of our vacation.

Well this will not even be spell checked or re-read, as I've been trying to d/l songs for my i-pod and I'd rather go song-less, than miss out on some swimming pool time.....

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