Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"God + 1 = An Army"

What a powerful thought.  That with God, we, alone in our homes, can equal an army.  I've not been able to verify the validity of this quote, but I'm told it was one of St. Theresa's, of Avila.

St. Theresa, the little flower, is considered one of the greatest Saints of our faith.  She is one of 3 doctors of our faith.  Yet she lived a short, sheltered life, behind the walls of a convent.  She gives us each hope, that we too can help those in need in our own "little way."  Not only help those in need, but we can become like an ARMY for God.  Through prayer, fasting, and works of mercy, we can effect change in our world. Wow that is powerful!

It is one thing to pray, and by all means prayer is so very important, but it is really putting our money where 
our mouth is, to offer sacrifices with our prayers. We ask for what we want and we're willing to show our commitment to this request, by offering gifts to God.  Returning the love.

In Mark 9:29,
And he said to them: This kind can go out by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.

Our priest during a homily said, "Prayer does not change God."  That short statement speaks volumes.  Prayer changes us, because God loves us, as we are right now.  He loves us unconditionally.

Psalm 27:10, tells us, "For my father and my mother have left me: but the Lord hath taken me up. "

We have read the horror stories, or heard them in the news, of mothers and fathers causing their children harm, but even if this happens, God will still love us.  He will always be there for us.

May I suggest that you become an Army for Christ today!  Start small.  Perhaps give up a second cup of coffee, or a favorite TV show along with your prayer requests.  Then build upon this by offering tasks, errands, desserts, etc.   There are so many in need today.  It is possible for us, in our homes, to make a difference in the world.  Lets not miss this opportunity!

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